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Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle is a smart and active dog. In fact, Poodle is considered as one of the most intelligent breed of dogs. According to the size, Poodles are divided into three types: Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles and Standard Poodles. Out of these, the Standard Poodles are generally medium to large in size.

Other popular names for this dog breed are French Poodle, Caniche, Grosse Pudel etc. Contrary to the popular belief this breed of dogs is believed to have originated in Germany, not France.

These dogs were originally used as water retrieval dogs. They were used as gun dogs by German and French hunters. The breed is supposed to have descended from the French Water Dog, the Hungarian Water Hound and the Barbet breeds.

Physical Appearance

The Standard Poodle dog breed is characterized by a square and well proportioned body. The eyes bearing an alert expression are set wide apart. They are dark brown or black in color and oval in shape.

The hanging ears are long and thickly feathered. The high set tail is usually straight and carried up but not curled. They have webbed feet that help them in water.

Color: Standard Poodle dog breed is available in a variety of colors like white, cream, black, brown, blue, apricot, silver etc. Parti colored Standard Poodle dogs are usually not accepted for show purposes.
Height: Both male as well as female Standard Poodles should be at least 15 inches in height.
Weight: The ideal weight of these dogs should range between 45 to 60 pounds.

Health Problems

Standard Poodle dog breed is susceptible to several health issues like Bloating, Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Tracheal Collapse, Blood Disorders, Epilepsy, Addison’s disease, Hip Dysplasia and other such diseases.

They are also prone to Allergies, Skin Problems, Ear Infections and Eye Diseases, particularly Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cataract and Runny Eyes.

Life Expectancy: On an average a Standard Poodle lives up to 12 to 15 years under healthy conditions.
Litter Size: The average litter size of a Standard Poodle is 3 to 8 puppies.

Grooming Requirements

The dense and curly or corded hair coat of a Standard Poodle requires extensive grooming. It is for this reason that most of the Poodle owners prefer to go for professional grooming of their Poodles. When grooming your Standard Poodle at home, use a slicker brush in order to brush the luxurious hair coat on a daily basis.

The single layer hair coat of a Standard Poodle sheds minimally thereby making these dogs good for allergy sufferers. It can be wooly and rough or soft and wavy in texture. The hair coat can be clipped regularly every six to eight weeks.

Even though they are relatively free of doggy odor, still they should be bathed on a regular basis. In addition, their ears should also be cleaned regularly to remove long hair, ear wax and dirt from time to time.


Standard Poodle dogs are loyal, easy going, happy, even tempered, good natured intelligent in temperament. In addition, you are sure to sense an air of dignity peculiar to these elegant dogs.

They usually get along well with small children and other pets in the house. These wonderful dogs are adaptable and highly trainable and hence do not create problems during the training sessions.

Early socialization is also beneficial in making these delightful dogs more outgoing and less reserved. They are generally friendly with guests. Moreover, these charming dogs love to amuse their owners and seek their love and attention ceaselessly without being yappy. Standard Poodle breed dogs make for excellent watchdogs.

Key Points

These agile dogs have been found to be relatively inactive indoors when provided with a proper way to vent their energy through sufficient daily exercise. In apartment situation, they should be given access to a small securely fenced yard in order to meet their activity needs.

Moreover, they enjoy swimming and retrieving games. Plus, interactive play sessions help to provide adequate mental stimulation. The intelligent and intuitive Standard Poodle dogs have been known to be quite sensitive to the tone of voice. Therefore, it is often advised not to subject them to harsh training methods. Shouting and yelling should also be avoided as far as possible.