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Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd dogs are quite similar to German Shepherd dogs but with a more even temperament, bigger size and better hips. However, as these dogs tend to be dominating, they are usually recommended for assertive and experienced dog owners.

Apart from being excellent companion dogs, these highly trainable dogs can also be used for the purpose of herding livestock, search and rescue work, therapy and assistance and other similar tasks. However, Shiloh Shepherd is a rare dog breed that is not recognized by any major kennel clubs.

Physical Appearance

The slow and steady Shiloh Shepherd dogs, resembling German Shepherds, are characterized by a powerful and athletic build. The muzzle is black in colors and is not too long, narrow or snippy. The eyes are dark to light brown in color. The ears are triangular in shape and carried erect when the dog is attentive. The back is strong and the legs are well muscled. These dogs tend to have s smooth and rhythmic with long strides.

Color: Common Shiloh Shepherd colors are solid black, white, red, silver, dark brown, black sable, golden, golden tan, reddish tan, black and tan etc.
Height: The average height of Shiloh Shepherd dog breed is 28 to 30 inches.
Weight: These dogs are generally 100 to 130 pounds in weight. Female Shiloh Shepherds are usually 80 to 100 pounds in weight.

Health Problems

Some common health problems in Shiloh Shepherd dogs are Epilepsy, Osteochondritis, Panosteitis, Small Intestine Overgrowth Syndrome, Bloating and similar other dog diseases. Though this breed is large in size still, Hip Dysplasia is less common in these dogs as compared to German Shepherds.

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of Shiloh Shepherd dogs is 12 to 14 years.
Litter Size: Shiloh Shepherd litter size is usually about 5 to 10 puppies.

Grooming Requirements

Shiloh Shepherd hair coat can either be smooth or plush. Of these two varieties, the smooth variety is relatively easy to care for and requires minimal grooming about one to two times per week. The plush hair coat, on the other hand, needs to be brushed and combed more regularly in order to avoid matting. It is longer and is characterized by a mane-like growth extending to the chest.

The breed is regarded as a heavy shedder. The plush variety tends to shed less as compared to the smooth variety. These dogs need to be bathed only once or twice in a year so as to retain the natural skin oils and maintaining the weather-resistant quality of the hair coat.


Shiloh Shepherd temperament is easy going, calm, friendly, outgoing, trustworthy, protective, courageous, intelligent and highly affectionate. These dogs are neither excessively aggressive nor overly shy. As they can be dominating or stubborn at times, it is essential to train and socialize them right from the beginning.

They are generally good with kids but because of the massive size, these dogs need to be supervised around small children. When properly introduced, Shiloh Shepherd dogs tend to get along well with other pets in the house. These alert and intelligent dogs make for excellent watchdogs.

Key Points

The energetic Shiloh Shepherd dogs require a great deal of physical exercise. Therefore, they need to be taken for long daily brisk walks, jogs or runs. They tend to do well in apartment situation, provided their physical activity needs are taken care of.

Lack of adequate physical activity can give rise to restlessness and destructive behaviors. So, to fulfill your beloved dog’s exercise needs, you need to provide him with adequate space in a properly fenced large sized yard.

As these dogs are quite similar to German Shepherd dogs, though with a calmer and more sensible temperament, you may have to face certain legal liabilities like problems associated with pet insurancepolicies. Shiloh Shepherd dogs are generally comfortable in cold as well as hot weather conditions and tend to remain inactive indoors.