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Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier dogs are intelligent, high spirited and powerful dogs with a natural terrier temperament. They are available in two varieties, that is Standard Manchester Terrier and Toy Manchester Terrier.

The breed was originally developed in England by the cross breeding of English Terriers called Black and Tan Terriers and Whippets. In Earlier times, these terrier dogs were exclusively used for rat killing. With the passage of time, the owners started using these dogs for rabbit hunting as well.

Physical Appearance

Being one of the ancestors of Doberman Pinschers, Manchester Terrier dog breed is quite similar to small Doberman dogs in appearance. The body is usually compact and muscular in build.

The small, almond shaped eyes are black in color and tend to bear a keen and alert expression. The ears are can be of three types, naturally erect, cropped or button ears. The tapering tail tends to be moderately short in length.

Color: Black and tan.
Height: The average height of both male as well as female Manchester Terrier dogs is 14 to 16 inches.
Weight: The average weight of this breed of dogs usually ranges between 18 to 22 pounds.

Health Problems

Manchester Terrier breed dogs are susceptible to health problems like Glaucoma, Patella Luxation, Epilepsy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and other related diseases.

Health issues like Hypothyroidism, Cataract, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Skin Fragility are also quite common in these dogs. Though rarely, still some dogs may also develop Von Willebrand’s disease or other bleeding disorders.

Life Expectancy: The average life lifespan of Manchester Terrier dogs is 15 to 18 years.
Litter Size: The average Manchester Terrier litter size is 2 to 4 puppies.

Grooming Requirements

The short and dense hair coat of a Manchester Terrier dog is easy to groom. It tends to be smooth and tight fitting. Therefore, to keep the coat in its original glossy condition, simply brush and comb it, preferably with a slicker brush on a weekly basis. Similarly, bathe your Manchester Terrier occasionally, only when necessary. The breed is an average shedder.

Besides, clean the dog’s ears on a regular basis to remove debris and hence avoid the chances of developing ear infections. Other grooming activities like nail clipping, eye cleaning, teeth crushing etc should also be carried out from time to time.


Manchester Terrier temperament is full of liveliness and unlimited devotion for the owner. These dogs are neither overly shy nor aggressive. The active and intelligent Manchester Terrier dogs tend to be independent and stubborn at times. Consequently, these dogs are mostly recommended for experienced dog owners rather than first time owners.

Manchester Terriers get along well with older children, but they are generally not good with other pets. Being smart and intelligent, Manchester Terriers are characterized by good learning skills. They thrive on human companionship and are always eager to please their beloved owners.

Thus, they should not be left alone in the house for longer periods of time or else they tend to exhibit destructive behavior in the form of excessive barking, digging and other such activities. Early socialization and adequate training help to keep these dogs well behaved.

Key Points

The highly active and energetic Manchester Terrier dogs are fairly active indoors. Hence, in apartment situation they tend to do well even without a yard. For exercise, these agile dogs love to go for daily walks and enjoy running at great speed.

In fact, with proper training, they have been known to excel in agility and obedience trials. Regularly play interactive games with your dog to provide sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Besides, these dogs prefer to stay in warmer climates. Although, they should not be left in the sun for long or else heat bumps tend to develop on their backs.