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Hovawart is quite an old working dog breed that originated in Germany. Thesey were originally developed as estate guarding dogs but are now being used for other works like tracking, search and rescue, Schutzhund and other similar activities as well. They are more popular in their native region but rare in the United States.

These medium to large sized herding and guarding dogs are loyal and even tempered. They make excellent companion dogs but have a tendency of becoming particularly attached and devoted to a specific member of your family. Hovawart dog breed is believed to have descended from Leonberger, Newfoundland, Hungarian Kuvasz, Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd breeds.

Physical Appearance

Appearance-wise Hovawart dog breed is quite similar to Golden Retrievers. Characterized by a compact and powerful build, these dogs possess a great deal of endurance and agility. The eyes are oval in shape and dark to medium brown in color.

The high set ears are triangular in shape and set wide apart. The bushy tail is carried high when the dog is active and low at rest. Their legs are sturdy and well muscled. The bitches are mostly lighter in build as compared to the dogs.

Color: These dogs are generally black, blonde or black and gold in color.
Height: The average height of these dogs ranges between 23 to 28 inches.
Weight: Both male as well as female Hovawarts usually weigh about 55 to 90 pounds.

Health Problems

Hovawart dogs are usually healthy. Still some dogs may be vulnerable to health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Hpothyroidism, Liver Shunt, Osteochondritis etc

Life Expectancy: The average Hovawart life expectancy is generally 10 to 14 years.
Litter Size: 5 to 10 puppies

Grooming Requirements

Hovawart grooming primarily consists of brushing the dense, slightly wavy, long hair coat at least on a weekly basis so as to avoid matting and tangling. The hair coat needs more attention during the shedding seasons. Apart from this, check and clean the dog’s eyes and ears and trim his/her toenails from time to time. Bathe your beloved doggy only when necessary,


Hovawart temperament is active, courageous, kind, affectionate, faithful, protective, attentive, intelligent and self confident. However, these dogs tend to think and act independently. Therefore, they need to be introduced to obedience training and socialization from early on. Motivational and well-balanced training serves as the best means to train these dogs easily.

These dogs usually enjoy the company of kids and get along well with other pets in the house, especially non canine pets. Nonetheless, when it comes to greeting strangers, they become rather suspicious. Hovawart breed dogs hence make outstanding watchdogs. These friendly dogs are usually not considered suitable for kennel life.

Key Point

As Hovawarts are usually dominant, they are best managed by assertive and experienced dog owners capable of handling such dogs or else they tend to develop behavioral problems like fearful aggression. As for activity needs, these dogs require moderate amount of exercise on a regular basis.

They enjoy the ritual daily long walks or jogs and love to swim. Moreover, they thoroughly enjoy running and playing in at least an average sized yard. However, make sure that the place is safe and properly fenced.

These dogs are likely to mold their activity levels as per the general activity level of the family they are staying with. They usually do well in any type of climate but prefer cooler climates. These dogs are generally considered more suitable for country houses, stables and fields rather than apartments. Hovawart dogs tend to be calm indoors but lively and energetic outdoors.