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Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog is a polar Spitz-type working dog with a loving yet independent personality. The Nordic breed originated from the coastal area of Arctic regions, particularly Canada, Alaska, Northern Siberia and Greenland where it was used as sled dog.

These dogs are believed to have accompanied the Sarqaq people to Greenland thousands of years back. The Eskimos selectively bred these dogs for energy and power for several years. Enthusiasts believe that Greenland Dog, also known as Grundslandshun or Esquimaux Dog descended from various ancient Spitz breeds and wolves.

The breed is capable of working in harsh climatic conditions and is good at hunting, tracking, sled pulling, guarding etc. The breed is quite rare outside Greenland and hence is rather difficult to obtain.

Physical Appearance

These enthusiastic dogs are characterized by a sturdy, compact and powerful build. Chest is broad and deep. Head is broad, robust and wedge shaped. Nose is large and dark in color but may turn pink during winters.

Eyes are placed slightly obliquely and are dark brown in color. Ears are small and triangular in shape. Feet are large and have thick paw pads with thick fur between the toes for protection. Tail is large, bushy and loosely curled over the back.

Color: These dogs come in a variety of colors and color combinations.
Height: The average height of Greenland Dog breed ranges between 22 to 25 inches.
Weight: Both dogs as well as bitches generally weigh around 66 to 70 pounds.

Health Problems

These dogs are fairly healthy. Hence, they are not prone to most of the genetic health issues.
Life Expectancy: The average Greenland Dog lifespan is 13 years or so.
Litter Size: The average litter size is about 6 puppies.

Grooming Requirements

The thick and heavy double coat of the dog consisting of dense and wooly undercoat followed by a thick, well protruding and coarse outer coat is easy to take care of. So, Greenland Dog grooming responsibilities include occasionally brushing the hair coat, trimming toenails, checking and cleaning eyes and ears and so on.


Greenland Dog temperament is loyal, affectionate, sociable, outgoing, independent, bold, hard working, intelligent and lively. These dogs usually do not get attached any one individual in particular. They are friendly and playful with kids, especially the older and considerate children.

These affectionate dogs love to be around human and can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for longer durations. Training your Greenland Dog can be quite a difficult task because the dog tends to be independent and stubborn.

Use firm and consistent methods while training the dog and avoid repetitive exercises as far as possible, or else the dog can easily become bored.

Therefore, these dogs are best matched with assertive and experienced dog owners. These remarkable dogs make outstanding family pets as well as diligent watchdogs. They are mostly aggressive towards other dogs, especially the unfamiliar ones.

Key Points

These active and energetic dogs are characterized by a great deal of strength and endurance. They can tolerate extremely cold climates as well. In fact, they prefer to live and sleep outdoors in cold weather and do not like hot temperatures.

Moreover, they do best when they are kept engage in some job and do not like to laze around. Further, they enjoy long daily brisk walks. Lack of adequate physical and mental stimulation can give rise to problem behaviors like barking, chewing etc.

Greenland Dog breed is considered more suitable for country living rather than sedentary apartment lifestyle with limited space because of the dog’s high activity requirements and need to run and roam about in plenty of space.