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French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is a non sporting breed dog that loves to play around. These dogs are generally polite and love to play with small children. They are small yet sturdy. The breed does not demand much in terms of grooming and physical activity. Their lively and curious behavior is often a source of great amusement for the owners.

The breed of dogs is known to have emerged in France. They are smaller than English Bulldogs. The two breeds might share certain characteristics but they are definitely two different and distinct breeds. These dogs are also popular by other names like Bouledogue Francais or simply Frenchie.

There are two types of views regarding the breeding history of French Bulldog. One considers the breed to be a mix of English Bulldog and French Terrier. The second believes that the breed has descended from the cross breeding of Toy Bulldog and English Bulldog.

Physical Appearance

French Bulldog is a sturdy and compact dog with a heavy bone structure. These dogs have quite large, square heads with short and well rounded bodies. Their heads and shoulders bear soft and loose wrinkled skin.
The large expressive eyes seem to bear an intense gaze. They have typical elongated and rounded “bat ears” that stand erect high on the head. The tail is usually short and hung low. Plus, black colored nose is often preferred more than a light colored one.

Color: Acceptable colors are fawn, brindle, white and combinations of brindle or fawn and white. But, colors like solid black, black and tan mouse, black and white, liver color are considered as disqualification.
Height: Both males as well as females can reach up to the height of 11 to 13 inches.
Weight: The average weight for male French Bulldogs is around 24 to 28 pounds. The ideal weight for female Bulldogs is 19 to 24 pounds.

Health Problems

The short nose of a French Bulldog often gives rise to breathing problems, especially in hot weather. As a result, it is generally recommended not to engage these dogs in strenuous exercise. The breathing problems are one of the main reasons that limit the use of anesthesia on these dogs. Plus, these dogs tend to snore and wheeze.

Other health problems include flatulence, heat stroke, whelping difficulties, thyroid disorders, bleeding disorders, especially Hemophilia, premature disc degeneration, joint diseases, heart problems, allergies and eye problems. These dogs should not be fed more food than the amount required because the excess and unhealthy body weight can not be compensated with excess exercise.

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy is about 10 to 12 years.
Litter Size: The average French Bulldog litter size is usually 4 puppies.

Grooming Requirements

This dog breed is easy to maintain in terms of grooming requirement. The short and soft hair coat of a French Bulldog requires hassle free weekly brushing to maintain the shine. These average shedders shed more during the change of seasons. Though, the shedding is less messy as the amount of hair shed is less than other double coated dogs.

They are relatively clean and free from doggy odor. Hence, they do not require frequent bathing sessions. The skin folds or wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. Regular nail trimming, tooth brushing and ear cleaning also form an integral part of effective French Bulldog grooming.


French Bulldog breed dogs are characterized by well mannered, alert, playful, affectionate and an even temperament. The pleasant and easy going French Bulldog is more of a sensible barker, that is, he would not like to bark much, unless needed. They are delightful and friendly in the presence of strangers and other pets.
They are not rowdy or aggressive even during play session. Although, the calm and peaceful behavior is sure to digress and transform into predatory behavior as soon as a mice is encountered in the territory. Besides, they tend to become manipulative and strong willed at times. Therefore, they should be habituated to consistent obedient training without any harsh punishments.

Key Points

These dogs adapt well to home as well as apartment situation and serve as wonderful companion dogs. A typical French Bulldog being fairly active indoors would not require a yard outside. These amusing clowns will do just about everything to earn your love and attention.

They generally do not bark to get their way. Instead, they like to save energy and use subtle means by simply staring at you intently to get their wish fulfilled. While taking your Frenchie out, make sure that he does not go near water sources like swimming pools or lakes as this breed is not good at swimming because the large and heavy head.