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Canis Panther

Canis Panther

Canis Panther

Canis Panther is a loving and sensitive dog that was developed in 1970s in the United States as a specialized strain of personal protection dogs. This relatively rare breed that resembles a heavier Doberman was originally developed by breeder Scorpio Jones along with Michael Stratten and Lucas Lopez.

Apart from serious protection work, these dogs are also good at agility and obedience. Canis Panther make excellent companion dogs. They were developed by a combination of dog breeds like Doberman Pinscher, Black Great Dane, Black Labrador and Staffordshire Terrier. The breed is primarily recognized by Personal Protection Dog Association (PPDA) and Dog Registry of America (DRA).

Physical Appearance

These large sized, agile dogs have well muscled body with wide chest. The jaw is powerful and the neck is strong. The wide nose is dark in color. Eyes are usually almond shaped and tend to be black or brown in color. Typically, the pendent ears are cropped and the tail is docked. More often than not, the rear declaws are removed.

Color: They are mostly available in solid colors like blue, black, chocolate, grey and buckskin.
Height: On an average, these dogs are 27 to 30 inches in height. Female Canis Panthers are usually a bit a few inches shorter, that is 24 to 27 inches in height.
Weight: The ideal weight of these dogs ranges between 120 to 140 pounds. Bitches tend to be 85 to 105 pounds in weight.

Health Problem

Apart from common dog diseases, these dogs have not been found to be susceptible to any serious genetic health issues. Hence they are considered healthy.
Life Expectancy: The average life span of these dogs is about 10-11 years.
Litter Size: –

Grooming Requirements

The short, dense, smooth and closely fitted hair coat of these dogs is easy to care for. It simply needs to be brushed and combed occasionally to maintain it in perfect luxurious condition. Canis Panther grooming also includes bathing and dry shampooing the dog but only when necessary in order to retain the natural oils on skin.


Canis Panther temperament is highly affectionate, loyal, calm, intelligent and extremely protective. These smart and obedient dogs are easy to train. They tend to be defensive minded when it comes to strangers and therefore they are generally distrustful and wary of strangers. However, they are duly devoted to their owners and always eager to follow their commands to impress them.

These reliable guard dogs do well with children and other pets in the house, especially when introduced properly. As these dogs have a strong and dominating personality, they are more compatible with non dominant canines. Canis Panther puppies should be trained and extensively socialized right from the beginning so as to avoid aggressive behavior.

Key Points

These active dogs require lots of space for running and playing. In addition, they thoroughly enjoy the ritual of long daily walks. Lack of adequate physical and stimulation can give rise to destructive behaviors like barking, chewing etc.

Although they love to play outdoors, owners should keep in mind that these dogs tend to have short hair coat and thus should be kept in shade and preferably, indoors as far as possible. Canis Panther is an established pure breed with multi-generation pedigrees.